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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  January 17, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am PST

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considering extending to include private citizens were set different? does anyone know? >> may be cheap >> because like it's been a little while since we've heard anything was going on >> it has been a little while, but were doing with several different departments within the city and as you know that we challenging at times to make sure everyone agrees is on the same page. so we've been working very closely with mta on a new turning template. all the previous plans were approved for the city were on generic templates, whether via , whether via wb 44 bigger vehicle on su-30 for smaller vehicle. that's how we size those are compared to our engines and our trucks, and what products were implemented
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we realized by our drivers voicing their opinions that some turns are tighter than we thought they were going to be that the templates were not actually i forget we be working closely with the mta. the truck template for aerial talk is done. we've agreed upon that. the mta and the fire departments. next step is for them to do the engine template, which is scheduled for, i believe, this friday. they're going to go out and actually do that. so, we are very close to agreeing on those templates. when i pulled up any plans. were still using the templates we've always used and is a question that's arisen we go out and do an actual contest to make sure we can physically fit. that's not holding anything up or moving forward the new templates with mta to be a much smoother process with that covers. >> thank you for that. >> any other questions or comments? commissioner hardeman >> i don't expect firefighters
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to be with to carry people down ladders. the only reason i mention that is you would be shocked, the times i've heard that since i've been a commissioner.. people is somebody able to carry me down the ladder. that's a true statement. i don't expect it personally, but for that comment the members of the public. so i just want tell you why i said that. >> can recall the next item, please >> item 8, communications. communications to commission received since last meeting of december 17 received since last meeting of december 17, 2015. it was an e-mail from jim o'connors dated 12-29-15. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, any questions or comments? nothing. love to the next item, please >> item 9, under for next fire
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commission of january 27, 2016. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, i heard a couple suggestions. anyone want to throw out anything for consideration for the next meeting? vice president covington >> i like the presentation on code enforcement. >> any other suggestions? i heard the budget from the chief to do yes, traditionally the second meeting in january is one of the items is reserved for budget discussion. i like to move that is something for consideration. in addition, although it separate, i have mr. corso working on a draft resolution authorizing the acceptance of donations that we've recently received to the department and our goal would be to get those approved. i believe i have to go to the board of supervisors as well
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get our idea is to use some of the funding for public education and outreach including smoke alarm purchases, brochures about safe exiting during a fire, it would all be in conjunction this year being are one 50th year in moving forward. so we would like to include that in your consideration the next meeting. >> any other items? commissioner nakajo >> specifically, if there could be included an update on ems six as well as some progress report about our efforts of the education and outreach to the mission. those two items don't have to be separate good if they can be integrated within your report, chief hayes-white, so we can get that some months ago i asked for a specific presentation update on bayview hunters point development. our next
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commission meeting is can be the budget meeting could i do want to conflict with that. so, perhaps there could be a consideration, again at the discretion of the chief and your ability, chief nobody to entertain a matter maybe at the end of part of separate were the latter parts. i'll leave it up to you folks to coordinate that. >> thank you. any other items? >> [inaudible] >> we need preparing now and getting as much information out there as possible as to where we can move our training facility. indeed if we have to move it. if there's new discussions with lennar that will keep us on the island we need to know that also. that's
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an important one. of course the item i brought up on residential hotels and the retrofitting of these facilities for sprinklers is something i like to get report on at some point. maybe not next meeting, but certainly in the next 30 days if possible. >> thank you. i'll be quite a long agenda. i'm smiling knowing i won't be here. it doesn't matter. can we go on to the next item, please >> did you call public, and for that >> i think i did but i'll call again just in case. any public comment on agenda for the next meeting? seeing none,-item 10 >> items and fire commission election of officers. a nomination and election of commission president. >> i usually jump in first but on this one i would like to. i
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would just take a moment of indulgence to really thank everyone here for the support. it's really been an honor to serve on the fire commission. i know i've told people that my grandfather is a fire chief come a cycle up with a certain amount of respect for the uniform and for firefighters. i was actually named after him. but it really working with this department over the last eight years has opened my eyes in so many ways and i can truly say that the group that has served the city are the finest anywhere. i think you have so much to be proud of in this department. it's really just the depth and breath of the talent in this room and in the department, it's really incredible. i've gone from kind
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of a detached respect to a true fondness. a lot of people here now i consider good friends and i know i will see after today, and i'm really really grateful for that. i want to thank everyone. the commissioners and the chiefs. she is right. my kids were very little when i start on the commission. remember what about crawling into her lap and putting on her helmet. and all the rest. so, it has been--it has gone by quickly. i learned an incredible amount and i am delighted with the current commissioners we have now and, truly, there's no one i can think of it would be a better next president of the commission then our current vice president francine speak covington so i'd like to put forth her name as our next president.
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>> moved closer, nomination. >> all in favor of-oof the common is their public comment on this item? everyone agrees. so i'll call for the vote. all those in favor say, aye. congratulations. >> thank you very much. thank you, fellow commissioners, for your support and belief in my ability and i will do my level best. i want to say that our presidents, over this past year, and she has been president previously as well, has such a big heart in such a
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big brain. she is brought them both to her duties as president year. she is thoughtful, talented and tenacious and she has given us so much, so much time and effort, as she doesn't have a stingy bone in her body. she is gracious always. even-tempered 99% of the time. if that 1% of the lookout for, but she has been a joy to work with. i will miss her tremendously. a lot of people don't know that, as commissioners, we always said as hearing officers for disciplinary matters, and she brings such a laser light to the discussion that she will be very very sorely missed. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> item 10 b nomination and
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election of commission vice president. >> vice president covington >> thank you. i would like to put in a nomination for my fellow commissioner ken cleaveland. he has, from the very beginning, been very active on the commission and i think he would serve very well. >> i would like to second that nomination. >> before we take out vote is there any public comment on this item? everyone agrees with this one as well. i will call for a vote. all those in favor say, aye. thank you very much commissioner cleaveland for stepping up.
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>> yes, commissioners be harder than >> i just like to comment president evans, i've been very fortunate to be a number of commissions for an awful long time. so i got to work with a lot of presidents, vice presidents many many times you have never seen anybody-never seen a president and vice president combination work involves then vice president covington and evans in the department or a board. i was amazed how much time both of you put in this year. your dedication we surprised me
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because, as a regular commissioner for number of years, just regular commissioner, when you became president it was lights out. you really-i'm just amazed at how much dedication. i've just never seen that before. the hardest working president i have ever seen. i just want to say that. really going to miss you. maxi sort of shocked that you are really going. you have a life to live unsure. thank you very much for your service. >> commissioner nakajo >> thank you very much president evans. i want to add that some congratulate vp covington to be the president of the fire commission next year or this year. and equally to you commissioner cleaveland for accepting the vice presidency. anybody in this room was worked with this commission department members as well those we commissioners take this job very seriously.
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there's a lot of commitment to this position. some people think it's a glory position. it's appointed by the mayor. what results is dedication and hard work and a great love that evokes for the san francisco fire department. commissioner, president evans when you were sworn in boys were so smaller crawling all over city hall when we're doing city hall knows truly site excited about that this commission is always had a legal expertise in the commission. back you commissioner russell-two commissioner paul condor, but yourself commissioner evans, with commissioner evans commissioner hardeman, we've elevated his commission to our
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responsibilities tenfold and we've given so much time and we still give more time but we do find that we can participate in a partnership with the members and officers of this department. believe me, we do care and would you listen to everybody, and that's the truth of the matter. commissioner evans, i appreciate your hard work and dedication on mr. expertise in the elevation of professionals of new brought to this commission. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> i would like to adjourn in the memory of deceased firefighter--. i would like to personally say to everyone to keep safe. this is a dangerous job you do. that's all. just


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